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Our partners

Zermatt Bergbahnen

Hotel Couronne Zermatt, Zermatt Bergbahnen
Whether hiking, biking, skiing or unforgettable experiences in Zermatt. Enjoy & plan your stay in the Matterhorn Paradise.
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Zermatt Tourismus

Hotel Couronne Zermatt, Zermatt Tourismus
The official website of Zermatt Tourism offers hotels & holiday apartments as well as all information for holidays in Zermatt - in the mountains of the Swiss Alps.
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Hotel Couronne Zermatt, Zermatters
Our mountain guides, snow sports instructors, bike guides and hiking guides are as varied as our visitors, but they all have one thing in common: the goal of offering you unforgettable, magical moments in a unique mountain world!
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Zermatt Unplugged

Hotel Couronne Zermatt, Zermatt Unplugged
The unique music festival in Zermatt: world stars in an intimate setting, reduced to the musical essence, promising newcomers and hip DJs in front of an incomparable backdrop.
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Zermatt Festival

Hotel Couronne Zermatt, Zermatt Festival
The festival always offers its visitors a special experience. The concerts in the church of St. Mauritius are, as always, the main focus, but there are also other places to discover, such as the historic hotels of the village of Zermatt or the picturesque Anglican church.
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